What kind of magic are you interested in?

  • psd2html

    PSD2HTML psd2html

    Would you like to get professionally prepared templates that your programmers will transform into an amazing website? Why don't you get a simple template for mailing?

    In PSD2HTML service we prepare for you a complete package with source files of the project you have delivered. If necessary, you or your developers will be able to modify freely files we prepare for you. All projects are compliant with current standards of coding. We carefully develop them taking into consideration their responsiveness. What kind of projects do we offer?

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  • psd2scriptedsite

    PSD2SCRIPTED SITE psd2scriptedsite

    Would you like to launch quickly and effectively a complete landing page or a website? We are capable of converting your graphic design into a fully functional website or web application.

    Once you order PSD2SCRIPTED SITE, you get a fully functional website or web application. The service not only includes coding your graphics but programming all its functions as well. The package you receive is utterly flexible, so later on with our help or on your own, you will be able to develop your project. We use such technologies as Vue.js, Backbone, jQuery, CreateJS, ES6, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, LiteSQL, Gulp, CSS, LESS, SCSS. What projects do we do?

    • Complete websites
    • Web Applications
    • Web Games
    • Contests
    • Minisites set within iframes
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  • psd2wordpress

    PSD 2 WORDPRESS psd2wordpress

    Would you like to extend the functionality of your Wordpress? Maybe you need a new implementation of it? It is a piece of cake for us.

    In the PSD2WRODPRESS we create a fully functional website on the basis of your graphic design. We will code your graphics so it is responsive, we will transform it into the Wordpress theme and configure it according to your needs. Next, we will install the ready package on the server chosen by you. Why is are service so good?

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How we do magic

  • Send in your PSD files

    Don’t worry if your documents are incomplete. Are the views for mobile devices missing? No problem, we will complete them for you!

  • We calculate the time we need

    On the basis of your PSD files we assess the time we need to complete the project that will satisfy you. At this step, we can suggest changes or discuss matters that are not 100% clear.

  • We grab scissors! Snip-snip!

    We get down to work and with full dedication we turn your PDF files into beautiful and functional templates, which will stun the most demanding clients.

  • We cast some magic spells! Abracadabra!

    We supply the ready templates with necessary scripts, so everything works like a charm. We can prepare scripts for anything you want. Front-end and back-end included!

  • The packaging spell: zippy zippy zip!

    We pack up the whole code prepared up to this point with as much magic as possible. You will receive from us the sources and the production versions as well.

Who was enchanted by our magic?

Where can you find us?

We are located in the city of Wrocław, Poland. Let's grab a coffee if you are nearby. Apart from a couple of cool magic tricks we can show you, we will see how we can help you.


Contact us even if you are slightly interested in our work. Let us spice your business up with some magic!

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